Poem: Super Mom at Christmas

Super Mom at Christmas
By Teri B. Clark

“Have no fear!” said the mom.
”I can do it all, what’s the matter?
I will trim up this tree
As I stand on a ladder
With a star in one hand
And tinsel in the other.
But that is not ALL I can do,”
Said the mother.

Look at me!
”Look at me now!" said the mom to herself.
”I’m busy creating Christmas.
I’m just a jolly old elf.

While writing some cards
And wrapping some gifts
I can bake up some cookies
Get them done in a jiff.

“And light up the mantle
And sew up this dress.
Add glitter to these ornaments
Without making a mess.

“And look!
Despite all I’m doing
I can go to the mall.
But that is not all!
Oh, no. That is not all...”
And then the little children saw everything fall.

Down came the mom -
She fell into a heap
With garland in her hair
And twigs in her teeth
“Christmas is ruined,”
She said with a sigh.
“Santa’s not coming.”
And she started to cry

Beware all you mothers,
What I tell you is true -
Her fate can be your fate
It can happen to you!
You must learn this lesson -
Or end up on the floor.
Christmas is about giving,
Not doing more and more and more.

Copyright 2008 Teri B. Clark

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