I was speaking to a professor I had in high school via facebook. He told me he was living in Asheville. I said that I loved that area and the Boone area, but Boone didn't have the charm it used to have. He then said:

I'd like a list of things in Life that still have the charm they used to have.

So, I took that as a writing challenge. Here's my list:

Small town eateries with booths and art of times past - the original stuff that was there when the restaurant opened. Add to that homemade ice cream and you have charm! In Sanford that would be Yarborough's Ice Cream and the Dairy Bar.

Watching kids play hide and seek or catching fireflies.They are having the same kind of fun that I did as a kid, getting just as sweaty, and laughing just as hard.

Riding in a motorboat on a lake with the sun beating down on your shoulders and glinting off the water.

Downtown Surf City on Topsail Island where you walk up barefoot and covered in sand from crossing the dunes to eat a hot dog at the stand.

Downtown Pinehurst - it hasn't changed in 30 years and if the Alderman have anything to do about it, it never will.

Small town libraries that smell like old books and the librarian knows every book title and every patron by name. Once again, Pinehurst would be a good example, though they aren't as friendly as other small towns.

Teri B. Clark © 2009