Clouds and Costume Jewelry

© 2008 Teri B. Clark All Rights Reserved

The whole family was ready to watch the lunar eclipse last night, but alas, the clouds rolled in. Even the local news station suggested that lunar watchers simply go on indoors. But, no, not the girls and me. We were convinced that the moon could be seen between the cracks in the clouds.
And we were right! Of course, we never had a view that lasted for more than 30 seconds, but it was enough to see the moon turning redder and darker and then getting lighter once again.

During times of darkness we shivered, but more importantly we laughed! Somehow, everything is funnier when you are lying on the ground, shivering under blankets, and looking up at a cloudy sky. I'm not sure why, but it is absolutely true.Teri B. Clark, author of fiction and nonfiction

One source of laughter was my camera. I brought it outside with all intentions of capturing some great scientific lunar eclipse photos - the kind of gems that I'd be proud to display and would garner many ooohs and ahhhs from all who saw. But alas, my cheap little camera, aided by the clouds, couldn't even find enough light to let the moon show up in the viewfinder! I had come to get photos, however, so I didn’t let a little thing like a missing moon stop me! I just aimed in the right direction and hoped. For what, I'm not sure.

Today, I got brave and downloaded my jewels. Believe it or not, there were a few specks right in the middle of the screen that were actually pictures of the eclipse. Yes, they were too far away and too dim to really see, but I was undaunted. I got out my handy dandy photo editor and tried a few tricks in hopes of creating the perfect image. Once again, I gathered the girls around andTeri B. Clark, author of fiction and nonfiction we laughed. I guess editing pictures of a cloudy lunar eclipse can be as funny as watching it the first time.

My photos are not what I had hoped they would be, but as a twist on the old saying goes, "When life gives you plastic baubles instead of gems, make costume jewelry!"
© 2008 Teri B. Clark All Rights Reserved


ginger said...

Hi Teri, I think the lunar shot is awesome. No one else will have one that looks like that for sure. Way to go!!!!! Great reading too.


Jay Hudson said...

WOW! I'm reading Lonely Hearts of the Cosmos,the Scientific Quest For the Secret of the Umniverse, by Dennis Overbye. I love looking at the Cosmos too, Teri. Nothing more fascinating than the Milky Way, and Andromeda.

Glad to see you have a blog!